As your asphalt driveway ages, you will likely notice the development of some minor cracks and potholes. While you may think that the only way to repair this damage is to spend a small fortune on professional repairs, the truth is, this type of damage can often be repaired on a do-it-yourself basis at a very affordable rate. Following the easy steps outlined below will allow you to successfully complete this task.

Materials You Will Need

  • cold asphalt mix
  • water

Tools You Will Need

  • hand tamper
  • putty knife or trowel
  • large bucket with mixing paddle
  • leaf blower

Step 1: Remove All Debris From Damaged Area

Allowing debris to mix with your asphalt will ultimately compromise the strength of your repairs. Consequently, it is extremely important for you to remove all debris from both in and around any damage that you will be repairing. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by using a leaf blower to simply blow away all dirt and other debris. However, if you do not have access to this equipment, you can choose to use a stiff bristled brush or push broom to manually clean the area.

Step 2: Fill The Damaged Areas With Fresh Asphalt

Now that your driveway is ready to receive new asphalt, the time has come to fill in any cracks and potholes that may have formed over the years. Begin by carefully mixing your cold asphalt mix in a large bucket according to the instructions that accompanied this product.

Once your asphalt mixture is ready, use an appropriately sized putty knife or trowel to fill each crack and pothole with a generous amount of asphalt. In order to ensure you have enough asphalt to complete the repair process, you will want to create a small mound of asphalt on top of each repair that extends at least a few inches higher than your existing driveway surface. While it may look like you have added too much asphalt, the fact is, this excess material is necessary in order to get the job done right. So if in doubt, add a bit more asphalt rather than taking some away.

Step 3: Compress The Repair Patch Until Even With Driveway

The final step in the repair process will be to use a hand tamper to compress the asphalt in each crack and pothole until it is even with the rest of your driveway. This step can take a considerable amount of upper body strength so be sure to pace yourself. If it has been a while since you have performed this type of physical labor, you may want to limit yourself to one or two repairs a day to ensure you have the strength to properly compress the asphalt at the end of this process.

Once you have successfully packed as much asphalt as possible into each crack and hole, simply allow the repaired area to dry overnight before resuming use of your driveway.

A Final Thought

The repair process described above is a simple and affordable way of repairing minor damage to your asphalt driveway. However, this process is not designed to be used in major driveway repairs. If the damage to your driveway is more than a few inches wide or deep, you will need to contact a reputable paving contractor in your area to ensure the damage is repaired properly.