One of the best ways to remodel your cabinets is to repaint or stain them. However, repainting wooden cabinet is not as straightforward as repainting a normal wall. This article explain how to repaint or restain your cabinets.

Remove the Doors and Drawers

The first step in the painting cabinets is to remove all the doors and drawers. Then, take all of the hardware off of them. This includes any handles, pulls or hinges. To make it easier on yourself, label the hinges and hardware so you know which door to put them back on later. Of course, you always have the option of installing brand-new hinges or handles during the paint job. This is a good opportunity to upgrade since they will already be removed from your cabinet.

Painting the Doors and Drawers

Take all of the doors and drawers to a different location where they can be painted more easily. For instance, you could set them up in your garage or on your driveway on top of a tarp. If you are painting your wooden cabinets with a solid color, you want to use a pneumatic paint gun. If you are just restaining your cabinet with a clear stain, you can apply it with rags or paintbrushes. Paint needs to be applied with spraygun to make sure that it leaves behind a smooth finish. Painting with the spraygun is easier because you can get between the crevices and of the molding.

Painting the Cabinet Boxes

The next step is to mask off the cabinet boxes that are still attached to the wall. The actual box of most cabinets is usually just a plain square, so it is easy to tape it off. When masking off the area around the cabinet, play it safe and mask off a few feet around the edge of the cabinet. You can use painters paper, or plain old newspapers. Always use designated painters tape to tape the edges. Normal masking tape will allow paint to seep beneath the edge.

The cabinet doors will usually require at least two coats of paint. You might need to apply even more coats if you are painting your cabinets a lighter color than they were before. Similarly, if you were applying a clear stain, you will still need to apply several coats. These extra coats will protect the wood and provide a richer stain in the end.

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