If you and your family use a lot of water in your bathroom, it can result in a host of problems ranging from cosmetic issues to structural and financial ones. Here are three of your biggest high water use problems solved.

Perpetually Wet Bathmat

If you have a lot of people in and out of the tub or shower, your bathmat may stay perpetually wet. This can result in a smelly bathroom, especially if mold or mildew build up on the floor. Too much water on the floor can pose a slipping hazard or even create structural damage to the surrounding area.

While you could buy multiple mats and wash them nearly every day, this solution isn't practical for most families. Instead, try a wooden bathmat made of teak or cork.

These traditional Asian-style mats absorb more water than you would think and naturally resist mildew and bacteria. You can give a quick swipe with a rag underneath now and then after heavy use, but most of the time the wooden mat should provide sufficient absorption. And it will give your bathroom a cool spa look if you pair it with similar accessories.

Too Much Steam

The same high use of your shower can make for a room full of steam. This makes it tough for the next person to use the mirror for shaving, and it makes it impossible to properly straighten or blow dry your hair. Excess steam can also create mildew where water is slowest to evaporate.

You can eliminate this problem with a high-efficiency vent. These new fans can be installed in old or new construction, including inside the shower, and have many benefits:

  • multiple speeds, including a high-speed setting for heavy bathroom use
  • condensation sensors to automatically adjust the fan speed
  • quiet operation
  • motion sensors for automatic turn-on
  • timers for automatic turn-off
  • LED night lights
  • Energy Star ratings

High Cost and/or Low Availability of Water

If you live in a place where water is in short supply and/or is expensive, you may be looking for places to cut water use, not just deal with its after-effects. There are numerous low gpm (gallon per minute) fixtures that your plumber can install for you to reduce your water consumption.

Low-flow faucets and shower heads are the perfect place to start. With the newest fixtures that meet the EPA's WaterSense criteria (like Energy Star for water use), you can still enjoy rainfall and handheld shower heads.

Another place to save on water is your faucet aerator. Aerators add air to your water at the end of your spigot in order to maintain water pressure and make rinsing more efficient. You can replace your aerator or add eco-friendly aerators to your new low-flow fixtures.

When you think about the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, doesn't it make sense to create an environment that meets your needs in every way? Start with one of the tips above, and see how happy you are with the results. You may like it so much you'll wind up using all three suggestions and creating the perfect blissful home getaway.