Installing French patio doors can be a great way to improve the appearance of your home while also increasing the amount of sunlight in your home. However, the numerous glass panes that give this type of door its appeal can also be at a high risk of suffering damage. Fortunately, you do not have to let this fear dissuade you from choosing this type of patio door for your home because there are a couple of simple tips to help keep these doors safe from harm. 

Choose Safety Glass

The most expensive parts of a French door are the numerous glass panes that are installed throughout the frame. However, some people will make the critical error of attempting to reduce the cost of the door by choosing standard glass. This type of glass is extremely brittle, and if it breaks, it will be likely to shatter into a seemingly countless number of pieces. 

Luckily, you can help avoid this outcome by choosing to have safety glass installed. This type of glass is made from several pieces that are fused together with a plastic resin. The resin helps strengthen the glass, and in the event the glass breaks, it will prevent it from shattering into many pieces. While this glass has a slightly higher cost, these two safety benefits may be more than worth it for you. 

Install Storm Shutters

While safety glass is less likely to suffer damage from daily use, it is no match for a strong blow from windborne debris during a strong storm. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that fail to realize that French patio doors should be protected by a storm shutter to avoid this type of damage. These shutters are thick pieces of wood or metal that can easily be installed over the door during strong storms. 

Sadly, you may not think that you can afford this option for your doors, but it is usually possible to take advantage of either government or insurance rebates to help you afford this safety upgrade. When you utilize these programs, either you will have your yearly tax burden lowered to offset the cost or your monthly insurance premiums may be reduced. The exact options will vary, and you should speak with your insurance company to see if there are any programs that you may qualify to use. 

Retrofitting a home with French patio doors are a common upgrade that many homeowners want to make. However, these doors have different needs than conventional wooden doors, but following these two tips will help you keep them safe. Contact professional providers, such as Fas Windows and Doors.