Your new asphalt driveway is a true asset that can improve your property value and boost your home's curb appeal. In general, your driveway will be relatively low maintenance. However, for the first two years, your asphalt driveway will be "curing," which means it will be hardening to its final state. During this time, your asphalt driveway will need extra care to ensure that it hardens properly. These tips will help you take care of your asphalt driveway for the first two years. 

Park Your Car In a Different Spot Every Day

Parking your car in the same spot every day can cause your car's tires to gouge the pavement. This is especially true on hot days when the sun causes the pavement to become slightly softer and more pliable. Park your car in a different spot every day to ensure that the driveway remains flat and gouge-free. 

On a related note, parking any vehicle on your driveway on a permanent basis can result in the vehicle sinking into the asphalt. Avoid leaving anything large and heavy on the driveway for a prolonged period of time. 

Take Precautions not to Pit or Mar the Surface of your Driveway

Bicycle kick stands and beach chairs can sink into the surface of your driveway, making pits in the pavement. Pulling out of the driveway in your car too quickly can damage the pavement surface. Treat your driveway with special care for these first two years. Take care not to leave anything on the driveway that puts all its weight on a narrow leg (like a kickstand), and avoid pulling out of your driveway too quickly. 

Reseal Your Driveway After 1 Year

Resealing the driveway will protect the asphalt from rain, snow and sun. However, exposure to the elements is what enables your driveway to cure for the first year. Wait 12 months after the pavement is installed before resealing your driveway for the first time. When it's time to seal your driveway, seek asphalt pavement services from an experienced professional to ensure that the sealing job is done properly and that your driveway is adequately protected. 

For more information about the care and maintenance of your new asphalt driveway, speak with a paving contractor like LSC Construction Services, Inc. when the driveway is installed. He or she will be able to tell you how to take care of your new driveway, ensuring that the asphalt pavement looks as good in 2 years as it does today.