If you want for you and your children to be able to jump off of your dock to go swimming, it is important to have a way for everyone to get back onto the dock. Attempting to pull yourself out of the water and flop onto the dock could lead to you getting splinters in your stomach or hands when you rub against the wood. It is best to install a dock ladder at the end of the dock for everyone to use. Use the following guide to learn how to choose and install a dock ladder to your dock.

Measure for the Ladder

The first thing you need to do is to take measurements to determine how long the ladder needs to be. Measure from the top of the dock to the top of the water. You then need to add three feet to the measurements you took to establish how long the ladder needs to be.

Purchase a Ladder

When you purchase a dock ladder, you need to choose between a metal or wooden ladder. If you choose to buy a wooden ladder, be sure that it is pressure treated wood to ensure that it can stand up to the long-term water exposure.

Prepare for Installation

When you go to install the ladder, you first need to drill guide holes into the wood to ensure that the bolts can pass through the boards. Have someone hold the ladder wherever you plan to install it. Use a marker to make marks inside of the holes located at the top brackets of the ladder. Remove the ladder and use a drill to drill into the marks that you made.

Attach the Ladder

Place the ladder back onto the dock and place bolts through each of the holes. Lean over the edge of the dock and find the bottom of the bolts under the dock. Place nuts over the ends of the bolts and tighten them until they can be tightened no more. This ensures that the ladder stays in place as people climb up and down it.

You need to make sure that the ladder stays secure to the dock by tightening the bolts at the start of each summer. Inspect the ladder regularly to ensure it is not damaged or loose from the dock. The ladder will be useful for years to come and will help children and adults to be able to enjoy the lake even more than they could before you had the ladder installed.