If your garage door is acting up and may need maintenance or new installation, you might be worried about the cost for having this professionally looked at. The thing is, there are a few cases where you can't afford not to bring in a professional. Here are four garage door fixes that you should never try to DIY.

1. Electrical Issues or Faulty Wiring

Electrical issues may require a professional garage door installer as well as an electrician. If you are neither one of these, then this is not a DIY project for you. Signs there might be an electrical problem are switches not working, or working intermittently. If your garage door opening mechanism is touch and go, this may have to do with wiring and is worth getting checked out.

2. Broken or Frayed Cables

There may be everyday wear and tear on garage door components, but cable damage can be a serious issue. Using your garage door when cables might be compromised can be dangerous, causing cables to break and heavy garage doors to slam shut unexpectedly. Calling in for garage door service will keep you and your family safe from injury. If you notice any damage to cables, you should call in for service right away.

3. Garage Door Shutting Unevenly

A garage door shutting unevenly can be a bigger issue that should be looked into. If the structure of your garage is compromised, this needs to remedied. If your garage door has warped or has fallen off of its tracks, this isn't something that you should try to fix yourself in case the garage door comes loose and could cause injury. If tracks themselves are bent, these will need to be replaced by a professional installer.

4. A Complete Replacement Needed

Garage door replacement isn't something that should be tackled as a DIY project. If you need an entirely new garage door installed, there are new safety features and auto openers that professional installers can recommend. They can look at your home's structure, climate, and area of your home to know the level of security and sturdiness that you might need.

Having your garage door fixed or replaced might seem like an expensive endeavor, but having it done correctly from the beginning can save you money in the long run. Having up-to-date features that will keep your home secure and your garage intact are important. Safety must come first, and some garage door maintenance and replacement work must be done by a professional likeAmerican Eagle Garage Door Services.