If you have just moved to a state with a high chance of hurricanes, you want to do everything in your power to protect your home and loved ones from the damage. As a homeowner, you can take certain precautions to keep the structure and interior intact. Here are a few ideas to implement after moving to a hurricane zone.

Secure Your Roof 

When a hurricane hits, the winds and rain can wreak havoc on your home's roof. In severe storms, it's not uncommon for roofs to tear completely away from homes, which puts your belongings and family in danger. If you bought an older home that wasn't hurricane-proofed, the first thing to double-check is the roof's security. Make sure your fixer-upper's roof is securely attached to the walls, and that no shingles are loose. Look for entry points where wires connect through the home. Seal any stray wire openings to prevent water damage. 

Remove Possible Projectiles

You shouldn't just look at your home itself for possible safety threats. Look around your property for items that could cause damage if a hurricane hit. Trees especially need to be properly trimmed, maintained or removed. Leave all heavy-duty equipment (such as the lawnmower or BBQ) in the garage when not in use. 

It's also a good practice to keep water barrels full in case of an emergency. Many people tend to store these barrels outside, but move them into the garage, as well, to minimize the chance of damage in a hurricane. 

Invest in Impact Windows

Once you secure the roof and yard area, look to your windows. Can you name how many your home has? Windows let light in, but they can work against you in the middle of a hurricane. You'll feel more protected if you invest in impact windows. Impact windows are extra-durable, heavy-duty windows designed to withstand heavy storms. These windows are made with tempered glass, triple layers, and aluminum frames so they stay put. 

Many insurance companies will give you a discount on your monthly premium when you install impact windows. They know that your home will stay more dry and safe with these new windows installed. Go the extra mile and install hurricane shutters, as well. If you can close them in time, they'll add double protection to the openings in your home. If not, you'll still have impact windows to keep you safe. 

For more information, contact Storm Shield LLC or a similar company.