Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to make your home more marketable if you have plans to sell anytime soon. Before beginning to make plans for the move and hiring a professional photographer or appraiser for your home, take some time to make a few upgrades in the bathroom.

With bathroom remodels being one of the top investments you can make in your home, you will benefit most by focusing on projects that will have the best return.

Look Into Purchasing Used Fixtures and Hardware

A low-cost way to improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom is through getting new fixtures and hardware put in. If you want to buy brand new fixtures, check out Fixture Shop to help you find just what you need.

As an alternative to buying new, explore your options for used fixtures and hardware. Yard sales, newspaper listings, and friends that have recently done a bathroom remodel can all be great resources for finding new features to implement in the bathroom.

Determine What Can Be Done on Your Own and What Cannot

While DIY work can be one of the most inexpensive ways to remodel your bathroom, there is always the risk that the work is not done correctly or that too much money is needed for tools, equipment, and materials. For difficult remodeling aspects, such as putting in a new bathtub or replacing the vanity, you may want to hire professionals.

Prioritize Energy-Efficiency for the Best Return on Investment

If you want the best return on your bathroom remodel, make sure to focus on energy-efficient fixtures and features. New lighting that consumes little energy, dual-flush toilets, and high-efficiency faucets are just a few examples of energy-efficient features you should include when selling your home due to their popularity with home buyers.

Be Realistic When Choosing the Remodeling Projects

While browsing through a bathroom remodeling magazine or visiting a home improvement store can provide you with a number of ideas to incorporate in your home, it is best to narrow down the projects if you are working with a budget.

The following ideas are all low-cost ways to greatly improve the look and functionality of your bathroom.

  • Bathtub refinishing
  • Frame the mirror
  • Install new shelving
  • Refinish cabinetry

As you prepare for a bathroom remodel, it is best to focus on what will help raise your property value. With selling your home on the horizon, you should include projects that future home buyers will enjoy instead of your own personal style.