As the owner of an apartment complex, it is up to you to make sure your residents are as safe and secure as possible. The more you put into securing the complex, the quieter and safer you can expect it to be. If you have no security measures in place then you are taking the chance of quickly finding your complex becoming inundated with criminal activity. The information provided to you here will help you to create a much safer living environment for your tenants who count on you to provide them with a great apartment living experience.

Put up a secure fence

The first thing you want to do is to make it more difficult for just anyone to come on to the property. This way, you maintain a certain level of control over the grounds. A nice looking wrought iron fence along the front and sides of the property will help to protect the property while giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can go with chain link around the areas that are less visible if you choose.

There should be gates at the entrances of the parking areas that require a code or card swipe before they open to allow a vehicle to enter onto the property. You will also want to have access gates with codes or card swipes at all entrances.

You also want to make sure you have a pool fence around the pool area that is made of wrought iron. This way, the fence will be durable and hard for someone to climb. The pool area should have a gate that also takes a card or code to enter. Make sure the gate closes with springs automatically so anyone not supposed to be in the pool area can't gain access to it. You can contact a contractor or visit a site like for more information.

Install proper lighting

Proper lighting around the complex will cut down on the amount of accidents at night and help to prevent crimes from occurring. Not only should each entrance be well-lit, but the parking structure and common areas should also have good lighting.

Hire a night time security guard

Having a security guard on the premises during the daytime can actually give your apartment complex the feel that it may be in a rough area, since this is normally unnecessary in areas lower in crime. However, it is a great idea to have a security guard on the premises at night.

Not only can they be a great deterrent for anyone in the area looking for trouble, but they can also help your tenants with other problems, such as calling for assistance if they get locked out. If an emergency does happen, they can help to take control of the situation until more help arrives.

By following this advice, you will be able to make a safer and more comfortable place for your tenants to call their home.