Are you looking for an alternative way to heat and cool your home that can help you save on energy costs? A good form of alternative heating and cooling to consider for you house is called geothermal energy. Find out in this article what you should know about geothermal energy so you can decide if you want to heat and cool your home with it.

Where Geothermal Energy Comes From

Geothermal energy is natural heat that is taken directly from the earth. Basically, the heat comes from the center of the earth where it is molten hot. The molten hot heat in the center of the earth is able to heat up the mantle layer that is located right above it. Mantle is simply rock that turns into magma after it melts from the high level of heat. The magma sits a little below the surface of the earth, which is able to be used for heating and cooling your house.

How Geothermal Energy Cools a House Down

Before you can take advantage of geothermal energy, you must hire a contractor to install a piping system under the ground. The piping system is also referred to as a loop. The contractor will also have to install a pump underground for the system to function properly. Basically, a coolant that consists of water and antifreeze will be placed inside of the loop to act as a heat exchanger. The fluid in the loop is then able to remove heat from the interior of your house and deliver it into cool areas of the ground. The heat is then cooled down and brought back to your house through the air handler, which then delivers it into the ventilation system.

How Geothermal Energy Warms Up a House

The same piping system that is able to cool down your house is also able to warm it up. The only difference is that rather than removing warm air from your house via the loop, warm air will be brought into your home. Basically, the loop will obtain heat from the area of the earth that contains magma. The heat will then be circulated into the ventilation system after it reaches the air handler. You will be able to use a geothermal energy system just like a conventional system; only the heat will be exchanged in a natural way. Speak to a contractor, like Jamison  Well Drilling Inc, about installing a geothermal energy system as soon as possible.