If you notice a lot of fog on the windows or have suddenly experienced a spike in heating charges, you might be struggling with a window seal that is failing. It is important that you pay close attention to these signs, as you may need a window replacement. Here are some common signs that your window seal may be failing.

Higher Energy Bills

Your window seal might be failing if you have suddenly noticed that your energy bills are higher. When you know that you haven't been using the air conditioner or heater more than usual, but your energy bills are considerably higher, it is often due to air escaping through the windows. If you have double or triple-glazed windows, the window seal might not be insulating your home as much as before, which causes you to lose more air when your HVAC unit is running. If it is hot out and you turn the air conditioner on, it may require using more power to cool off the inside of your home if air is escaping through a failed window seal.

Cold Draft in the Home

In addition to paying more for your energy bills each month, you might also notice that you feel a cold draft in your home when the window seal is having problems. One way to look for a draft is to stand near the windows of your home when it is particularly cold outside. Put your hand up to the edge of the window, near the window sill, to see if you feel any type of cold air coming in. If you do, or if it gets colder the closer you are to the window glass, it is probably from a failing window seal. Properly sealed windows should keep the cold air out.

Visible Condensation

One of the most common signs that a window seal is failing, and perhaps the first thing you notice, is when there is a lot of condensation on the windows. You should not see condensation on the windows or between the different panes of glass. This is a sign that the window seal is no longer providing good insulation and that moisture is making its way through the window glass. Aside from the condensation, you might also see a hazy or foggy appearance to the windows during cold mornings or evenings.

If you notice any of these signs, have a window professional inspect the seal to find out if the window needs replacing or if it can be re-sealed. When searching for a new window, you might want to consider a high-quality one made of fiberglass. These types of windows last a long time and come in sealed double or triple-glazed varieties. You can have them custom-made to fit your home. Contact a business, such as C F Maier Composites, for more information.