Garden windows can make most any space feel brighter and more open. If you are considering installing a garden window in a room, you may be looking for ways to make the most of that investment. Here are several different ways that you can customize that garden window to create a truly unique space that you will enjoy.

Invest in Custom Glass

When you're installing a garden window, you'll have lots of glass panels. When you choose custom glass for this, you can truly customize the look of the window space. Whether you decide to install unique shapes, frosted glass, etched window panes or even custom-tinted glass, there are many different options available. Talk with your window installation contractor about what kinds of custom glass he or she can order for you.

Create Growing Spaces

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, you can turn your garden window into a growing space for your cooking herbs. Consider setting up hanging pots or racks in front of the window to place your herb plants. That way, you can put the sun-loving herbs closest to the glass and the shade-seeking ones further in the back. If the garden window is installed just off the kitchen, it makes for a convenient space to go trim herbs that you need as you're cooking.

Make It A Personal Space

The lower window sill and shelf of a garden window is a great place for displaying trinkets, collectibles and other items. If you have a collection of items that is particularly important to you, this bright space is a great area to showcase it.

As an alternative, if you are an avid reader, you might want to think about creating a reading nook. You can cover the window sill area with a thick cushion and a few pillows to make it comfortable. The light coming in from the window will make it easy to see what you're reading, and the large window space will give you plenty of room to relax.

Create a Pet Space

Particularly if you have cats, you might find that your garden window is quickly adopted as a favorite place for sunning. Consider placing a small pet bed on the sill of the garden window so that your pets feel welcome and can comfortably rest and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight.

No matter what your goal for that garden window, there are ways that you can truly make it your own. With these options and the help of a window installation contractor like Sound Glass Sales, Inc., you'll be able to create exactly what you're looking for.