You've heard the cliché – everything old is new again. For quite a while now, retro kitchens have been a trend for remodel jobs. A retro kitchen captures the nostalgia of bygone eras – with all the modern amenities, of course. As you plan your kitchen makeover, recreate the 40s, 50s or 60s with your décor.

Start with a Retro Style

The first step in remodeling your kitchen is choosing a retro style. The eras are characterized by different décor, and you can even choose style preferences within those eras. For example, the 1950s are often characterized by pastel colors and cozy furnishings. However, you can make it modern with a diner style of black and white augmented with red and chrome furnishings. Another option is to go Scandinavian with wooden cabinetry and sleek lines.

Choose a Color Palette

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, pastel is common for retro color palettes. Mint and delicate pink are classic. You can combine these delicate colors with natural wood for the Scandinavian or cottage kitchen. The pastel palette can also be combined with classic white. However, as stated above, a stark palette accented with bright colors also gives a retro feel. If you're opting more for 1960s retro, consider deeper shades such as turquoise, avocado and burnt orange. Citrus-inspired orange and yellow are also traditional colors from the 1960s. Kitchens inspired by the 1940s are usually more sedate in their color scheme, with milky blues and greens or buttery yellow.

Include Vintage Appliances

An authentic retro kitchen includes appliances from the target era. However, modern cooks often want to take advantage of the latest appliance innovations. One option is to choose a refrigerator and/or stove that's been made in the retro style. Another option is to utilize chrome or white appliances as a neutral base for your kitchen. Either way, consider adding one or two vintage appliances, such as a blender or mixer, to your décor. If you prefer utilizing your modern appliance, you can always keep it tucked away when not in use.

Add the Appropriate Surfaces

Another major factor in making your kitchen feel retro is the material you choose for the surfaces. In this case what's retro – linoleum and laminate – is actually what's the most current. Linoleum is an all-natural material that replaced old world tile in mid-century kitchens. Look for a retro pattern in the color scheme of your choice. Likewise, laminate is the modern take on granite and other stone countertops. You could even choose fun retro patterns, such as elongated diamonds for a diner look.

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