Having your own shop, whether it's in its own shed or simply a dedicated area of the garage, can add a lot of enjoyment to your woodworking or home improvement projects. There are several ways that an electrician can help you get the most of your shop space. The following are four things you should consider installing that will either make the shop easier to use or safer.

#1: Under table power strip

Installing a power strip underneath the top of your main work table is both handy and safe. Cords will automatically dangle down and out of the way, which makes the chances of cutting through own lower. You will also be sure to always have an outlet nearby when you need to plug something in. Since most power tools draw a lot of power, it's important to make sure you have a heavy duty and well grounded strip installed.

#2: A floor outlet

If your shop includes a larger piece of equipment, such as a table saw, you may want to consider a floor outlet. Since large equipment is usually placed away from the wall, there is often a cord stretching across the room to the nearest outlet. This results in a tripping hazard. A carefully placed floor outlet allows you to plug in these freestanding items without having to stretch a cord anywhere.

#3: Ventilation fans

Proper ventilation is a must if your chosen hobby results in a lot of sawdust or fumes from stains and finishing chemicals. The best fans will filter the air while also allowing fresh air to circulate. An electrician can help you choose the right size of fan for your space, and then they will install it so that it works properly.

#4: Safety alarms

Your shop likely contains a few volatile chemicals, which can increase the chances of a fire or dangerous fumes. At a bare minimum you should have fire and carbon monoxide detectors installed. The type that are hardwired in with battery backup work well. It's also a good idea to choose a system that will also set off an alarm in the house. This is helpful since you may not hear the alarm in the shop until it is too late. Your electrician can even add the shop to your home's alarm system panel, which means emergency personal will automatically be contacted by your alarm company if something happens.

Contact an electrical contractor like Narducci Electric for more ideas to improve your shop.