The sewer line can be one of the most important components of your home's plumbing system as it is responsible for draining waste water away from your home. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that do not have the experience or knowledge needed to appreciate what is required to care for this part of the plumbing system. In particular, it will be necessary to regularly have the sewer line inspected, but if you have never given much thought to this, you might need to have the following questions addressed.

Why Should You Have Your Sewer Line Inspected?

A compromised sewer line can be a serious problem due to the fact that it can contaminate your property and cause plumbing backups in your home. By having the sewer line inspected on a fairly regular basis, you can catch these problems before they have a chance to develop into serious issues. For example, minor clogs can be found and broken up before they lead to complete blockages.

How Much Damage Will Be Done To Your Yard To Inspect The Sewer Line?

Some homeowners will be skeptical of having their sewer line inspected because they are worried about the type of damage that will be done to their yard. This concern stems from the assumption that the only way to inspect this line is to excavate the soil in the yard. Luckily, this is not the case, as contractors can use special cameras to thoroughly inspect the interior of the pipe. In addition to avoiding the need to excavate much of the yard, this will also allow the inspection to be completed much more quickly.

What Steps Are Involved With Repairing A Clogged Or Cracked Sewer Line?

In instances where problems are found with the sewer line, it is important to understand the different repair options that are available for the more common problems. For example, a clogged sewer line may be able to be cleared with the same device that has the camera attached to it. These devices will often have hard, sharp ends that can be used to push through clogs and break them up.

Cracks in the walls of the sewer line can be another common problem. Sadly, this type of damage cannot be repaired without excavating the yard. However, the video inspection will allow the contractor to know exactly where the damaged section of pipe is located, which can help to minimize the amount of excavation that will need to be done.

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