If you have a business and the concrete sidewalk has gotten so elevated people are in danger when they walk on it, it's time to get the area fixed before you have an injury or a lawsuit on your hands. It would only take one person to trip, slip, or fall, and they could try to sue you for property negligence.

It also makes the building look like it's in poor condition if you haven't properly maintained the outside. Here are a few of the things you want to look into doing to get the walkway in better condition.

Call a Concrete Leveling Company

You want to call a concrete leveling company that specializes in fixing damage sidewalks and walkways, so you can have a path that is hazard free. The company will come and help move the earth or sod and possibly pour some new concrete to fix the bumps, cracks, and other complications in relation to the current concrete pathway. The current condition of your landscaping and the concrete will determine what the easiest way to fix the problem is.

Get a Replacement Estimate

Find out what the cost would be to replace the entire walkway if you don't think you want to spend the money to have it fixed. You may decide that you want to get rid of the old, dirty, or severely damaged concrete and have it all broken and poured. The concrete company can come in and remove the old concrete with a concrete saw, and then start fresh to level out the ground and pour new walkway slabs. This may be the most efficient way to complete the project if your concrete has a lot of cracks and damages and if the ground has shifted a great deal since the original pathway was poured.

The concrete experts can help you maintain these different pathways and stairs after they are installed by making sure that they come out to power wash and clean the concrete after it has been poured. Don't let someone get hurt, and don't let someone sue you because you didn't spend the money or take the time to replace damaged sidewalks throughout the area around your commercial property. Instead, be sure that you check the walkways regularly so they are safe for all your employees and for all the consumers that will be using the walkways around your commercial property.

For more information, contact local professionals like Ace Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling.