Your pool pump is an important part of your swimming pool. The pump is responsible for taking in water, removing any debris in it, and then running the water to the filter to be cleaned. Without the pump, your filter would not be able to clean the water as it should, making your water unsafe for swimming. If your pump is running, but not circulating the water properly, if it is not taking in enough water, or if other problems with the pump arise, there are things you can check to troubleshoot the issue. Read on for tips on problems to look for in order to get your pump working correctly again.

1. Low Water Level

The water level is very important to keep an eye out on as a pool owner. If your water level is too low, it can create a problem for your pump and your filter as well. The pump will not be able to take in enough water and could end up damaging the motor inside the pump. You may hear gurgling noises coming from the skimmer basket when the pump is taking in air instead of water. A good rule of thumb is to be sure the water level stays about halfway up the skimmer basket. Any more water and you could overflow the basket and have a river in your yard. Any less, and you will end up with a pump issue.

2. Clogged Skimmer Basket

Another issue you may encounter could be a clogged skimmer basket. The pump will continue to run, but it won't get enough water to allow for circulation if this basket is too full of debris. Check this basket every few days, or more often if you have a lot of trees nearby that could be blowing leaves and other debris into your pool. Empty this basket and keep an eye out for any issues with the pump filter filling up as well. If you spot this issue, be sure to turn off the pump, open the lid, and clean this filter out as well.

3. Clogged Lines

If you have had a lot of buildup in the skimmer basket, the hose line could be clogged as well. Remove the hose going to the pump and spray a garden hose through it to remove the clog. If you didn't spot an issue, inspect the hose for any holes or damage. If you have water leaking from the hose, it is going to cause a problem with enough water getting to the pump. 

If your pump is not working properly, troubleshoot using the tips above. If this doesn't help, or if the problem is something that you can't determine, contact a swimming pool repair company for help.