If your current driveway is old and in bad condition, installing a new one offers many benefits. You do have many options when it comes to material that you use. One type that will work well because you live in a cold climate is asphalt paving. Below are three reasons why you should choose this type so that you can get your new driveway installed.

More Durable

Asphalt driveways are black, and black attracts the sun. Because of this, your asphalt driveway will stay warmer. This is beneficial as snow and ice will melt quicker on asphalt. This will not only keep these things off your driveway but make it easier for you as you will not have to worry about removing snow and ice.

Snow and ice can damage a concrete driveway. This is because the wetness constantly on the material will cause it to degrade. Also, as the temperatures go above freezing and then back to freezing again, this constant change can cause cracks to appear. 

This will save you in maintenance costs. You will not get damage from the ice and snow, which means you will not have to worry about making a lot of repairs. If your driveway does get damaged in any way, the repairs are much easier than repairs to concrete. 

Start Using Quicker

When you install a concrete driveway, you must let it dry completely, which can take a few days. With an asphalt driveway, however, you can drive and walk on not soon after the asphalt contractor finishes installing your new driveway. Asphalt will continue curing for up to a year, which means it will become even harder than it is when first installed. Cold weather will cause the asphalt to harden even quicker. 

The installation is also easier for the asphalt contractor, which means it does not take as long to install an asphalt driveway when compared to concrete. This will also help you save money because the faster the contractor installs the driveway, the less in labor charges they will charge you.

How long it will take the contractor to install your driveway depends on many factors, however, such as if there is a current driveway they have to remove and the size of the new driveway.

Talk with the residential paving contractor that you hire to learn much more about asphalt paving. This way, you can make the best informed decision when choosing your new driveway.